Cyber-Security is a Serious Concern


We invite troubles when we overlook cybersecurity. As the ccyberattackshave become a major and international concern, we need to understand the importance of cybersecurity. We all are living in a world which is networked together, from internet banking to government infrastructures. So if we didn’t become aware of our employees of dangerous security threats, we would end up getting stuck in detrimental problems.

The threats aren’t confined to phishing emails; most security breaches stem from reckless employee decisions. Sometimes, company’s employees are not circumspect about the data which they are sharing with others.

When we talk about cybersecurity, many prominent software companies assure that approximately in their companies 25 employees know that they are not on front lines on something akin to a life-and-death battle.

Now, here comes the responsibility of company owners and CEOs to aware the employees if they are not aware of it. They may not always incriminate the employees for something they don’t know. It’s their accountability to teach them all about the aspects related to cybersecurity.

If we want to evade the cause of the cybercrime, Education is the primary key. It can be said that because of technology and education, cybercrimes are taking place, but it is also noted that Diamonds cut diamonds. That is why education and awareness about such serious topics can only stop it from happening and bring improvement.

Any campaign should become a part of an outgoing process. There are many ways to direct effect cybersecurity education campaign without breaking the bank.

The main motive is to create a culture of cyber awareness so that no person can become the victim of cybercriminals. Treat cybersecurity awareness like a marketing campaign with the intent to persuade.

Take small steps, make few videos or info-graphics to kick the things off. Security is everyone’s personal responsibility. Conduct contests and get the posters printed or any other reminders to drive home an easy-to-understand message.

Don’t just beat around the bush. Keep the message point to point and precise. Try to keep it fun and short. You are trying to educate the employees about best practices.


It is a major problem that is occurring every day. Most of the parents are not discussing the importance of internet safety with their children, which is supposed to be considered as a huge problem.

Children and parents need to be more aware and circumspect about what they are doing and what is being done with them. It’s the parents and school’s duty to make sure that they are well-Informed.

93% of teenagers are using the internet and more than half of that percentage (about 65%), go on every single day. Most of these teens explore chat rooms and other social networking sites. They give out their personal information and expose themselves to predators.

Predators prey on teen girls who are depressed or have recently experienced the life-changing events of their life. Situations like internet predators can cause teens and kids to go missing and sometimes even be found dead.

For the children who return home safely and unharmed, they usually suffer from many problems afterward.

Online sexual solicitation is a kind of sexual harassment on the internet. 30% of teen girls have experienced these types of bullying. It comes in many faces, such as exposure to photography, being asked and compiled to do something sexual or even being invited to share the personal information. More children do not share about this harassment from their parents, teacher or any other elder. Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) was founded to keep the children secure but it has not yet been proved to be that effective as it was being expected to.



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