How to Control Netflix Data Usage On Your Phone?

Obviously, the magnificence of the Netflix is that it allows the user to indulge your favorite shows easily. It is any old TV programs like Friends, or any popular Netflix Original program like a Stranger Things, though binging shows can be addictive for the users. It simply means that you might want to catch all the actions on your Smartphone when you are riding the subway, or you are in a carpool on your way to work.

However, streaming the video will consume a lot of data, and if you are on a limited plan, then you need to make sure that to avoid the overage fees. Here are some couple things that you can do to help by limiting the amount of data which is being used when the streaming Netflix over your Smartphone connection.


As every user love to watch their shows in the highest quality only if possible, but the High Definition is taken a lot more data than the standard definition. Though, the Netflix mobile application allows you to select between the three different levels of quality. And the lower you are comfortable by using, the less data you will use. This option is only available whether you have the Netflix application installed on Android or iPhone. For use this feature you need to follow the steps in a given sequence to avoid trouble and save your time and efforts. The steps are mentioned below:

  1. Go to App Settings
  2. Click on the “Cellular Data Usage” option
  3. Now, click to “Turn Off” Automatic option
  4. Then, set it to “Save Data” option.


The users can also set data usage settings online just by logging into the Netflix account in your web browser. But for this, you need to follow the steps in ascending order to save your time and efforts. The steps are mentioned below:

First, choose the account that you want to change data usage

  1. Select the Netflix Account
  2. Click on the My Profile option
  3. Click on the Playback Settings option

Always remember that on an average, the Standard Definition is taken almost 1GB of data per hour and the High Definition is taken almost 3GB per hour. And if you are concerned about the total amount of the data which Netflix uses, then you will also need to make some adjustments to each of the accounts.


One of the best options is to save your data and still want to watch your favorite content then go to the download Netflix content via Wi-Fi before leaving the house. As not everything is now available to download, but obviously a good chunk of the Netflix library is doing.

In fact, it is a very easiest way to get content and also to check the Available to download section in the application. Also, in the App Settings, you only need to choose the quality of the video of the download. And here you also need to remember that the HD quality is also taken more space in your Smartphone. And most significantly, confirm that your content is now set to download over the Wi-Fi only.



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