How to Group Xbox One Apps and Games?

Xbox One is offering a different kind of fantastic feature among the users. In July, one of the most popular features of Xbox One is updating users group apps and games also. It will make it very simple to access to your games. It will help to access apps easily without wasting time to search them especially when you have tons of those on your console. It is similar to generating folders on Start Screen on Windows 10 PC.

This post will guide you on how to group Apps and Games on Xbox One. The mentioned process is straightforward to use, so without getting any technical support, and you will do it.

More about its features:-

  • You can add apps and game no matter that they are installed on your console.
  • You can add this feature on your computer home screen and change order.
  • In case, if you are using multiple consoles, it will syncs all of the consoles.

Steps to group Apps and Games on Xbox One:-

Before starting this process, we will clear you that how group and pins both are different. Now pins are the particular case of groups that you have only one instance. You can quickly add many apps and games as to pins. All can be renamed, or you will not be able to make one more PINS section.

  • To create and add apps to a group, open the Guide menu using Xbox Button n the controller.
  • Then select the press A on “My Games & Apps.”
  • If you don’t want to open the actual section, then you can get a new Menu.
  1. See all
  2. Access to pins
  3. Lists all of the groups
  4. Option to create a group.
  • Next, select the Create a new group option at the bottom and press A option.
  • Now click on the A to select and then select the add option.
  • You need to install games if you have did not installed them your Xbox One but.

Steps to Add the group to the dashboard:-

However, the guide is the best choice to access all of your can quickly add them to the Xbox One Home Screen as well.

  • Open the guide menu using the Xbox button.
  • Then select the My games & apps and then select the Groups.
  • Now select the group that you want to pin to the dashboard and then press the menu button on the controller.
  • Then press the Add to home to pin it to the central dashboard.
  • It will add to the first dashboard but will be listed at the end, if you have already PINS or groups available on your Xbox One.
  • Select the group from the home screen and press the menu button and move it up.

Steps to delete a game or app from the group:-

You can get the groups menu whenever press the menu button on the controller on app or game. You can use this from anywhere as per your convenience.

  • To start this process, open the guide menu with the help of the Xbox button.
  • Then select the My games & apps.
  • It will show a list of groups and Pins.
  • Select the group that has which game and then select the game using the d-pad.
  • Then press the menu button.
  • Here you will get an option to delete the game from that game.

Steps to delete, move or rename a group:-

  • Move to the Groups section below My Apps and Games option in the guide menu.
  • Then select the name of the group by scrolling using the d-pad.
  • Then click the menu button, and an option will show to Rename and Remove group here.
  • Please remember removing a group using Remove option will not uninstall your games.

Steps to delete bulk manage groups:-

  • To delete all of the group, move to the Groups section under the My Apps and Games option in the guide menu.
  • An option will show a Delete All groups at the bottom press on it to delete all of the groups.
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