Steps to Reset the Guest Key on your Xbox One Console

Xbox One offers a perfect way that will help you to create guest accounts if someone wants to use the same as your Xbox account. So using this they can easily do it. Alongside, the user can add privacy on content so after that guest will be able to see your context as per your restrictions. It is the best choice if your guest is a kid because there is the much better option for, especially kids.

Apart from this, the guest account feature also tells you that how a console owner can easily create a free account to his console with the help of a Guest Key. There is one more name of Guest Key that is the Passkey. It will work for you as a password and make using a combination of controls of the controller. That means, they can able to access the console in your absence. Now it may so happen that you forgot the guest key. This post will help you to tell how to reset the guest key on your Xbox One console.

How to Reset Guest Key on Xbox One Console?

There is an only single method to do it is by using your Microsoft account password with that you are logged into the console.

  • Go to the Xbox one and sign-in with your account.
  • Open the guide by pressing Press the Xbox button > Settings > System > Signed-out content restrictions.
  • Here, you will need to enter your Microsoft account password to confirm your identity.
  • It will then ask you to enter the guest key to remove delete it.
  • Besides this, you can also try to enter an incorrect guest key at three times, and then it will ask you to enter the Microsoft account password to delete it.
  • After that, it will remove the guest key.
  • If you remember that the guest key is correct, you can directly get an option to Remove guest key.
  • Go ahead, and generate a new key with new restrictions.
  • For example- When you have created a new guest key, try to keep it simple like you can choose 5678, but not everyone will remember the sequence of trigger that needs to be used to enter that. You can also select from left to right to right to left for easy remembrance.

In short, if you don’t create the passkey, someone else has done it, remove that account from the console, and it will also remove the Guest Key. Lots of time there is more than one adult user on the same console, and anyone could have done it.

Alongside, you can always re-generated his/her profile by signing in again in the console by opening the menu section and then select the Add New from the menu at extreme left.



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