Fortnite Galaxy Skin: Here’s How You Could Get it Too!

The rumors have finally been officially confirmed. Fortnite is making its first Android appearance on Samsung Galaxy Note 9. Epic Games released in a statement that Fortnite is making its Android debut. However, the game is limited to Samsung Galaxy devices for a limited period of time. The Beta version of the game has been flagged off as live for all Galaxy users. Out of the many bonuses that were declared on pre-ordering the Samsung Galaxy Note 9, the free V-bucks and the new skins stood out the most.

As a part of Fortnite’s exclusive deal with Samsung, Samsung Galaxy Note 9 and Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 users can now download a special Galaxy skin. So basically, you can get the skin only if you have an Android device that supports Fortnite, which basically boils it down to the two Samsung phones mentioned before. Not to forget, that either of the phones can leave a sizable dent on your pocket. Thus, the Galaxy Skin becomes a rarity in itself!

One way to get your hands on the Galaxy Skin is by spending 15,000 V-Bucks, which you can trade to pre-order the Samsung Galaxy Note 9.

The Galaxy Skin turns your character into a stunning constellation of stars against a deep blue and purple background. It also makes the character’s hair a luminescent shade of white and their eyes shades of blue or white. To complete the look, a blue shooting star revolves around the character’s head. All in all, the breath-taking skin makes your character look like an intergalactic apparition.

Naturally, it becomes the most sought-after skin on Fortnite. If you wish to get your hands on this exclusive Fortnite Galaxy Skin, you’re not alone. Representatives of Epic Games have kept mum on whether this skin will be available after a while. It seems that once the deal concludes, the skins may be available for all players. That’s the blip of hope for all Fortnite players. Thus, sadly, the other way to get the Galaxy Skin is to wait endlessly.

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