How to Update Your Apps on iPhone

While you are setting up your newly purchased iPhone, you may have downloaded hoards of apps that you may find useful. However, to make the most out of these apps, it is imperative that you regularly update these apps. Ideally, you should check for app updates at least once a week. Updates fix the bugs in your apps, add new features to the app, and apply security patches to bolster your app’s security.

Now that you know the importance of frequently updating your apps, here is a step by step guide for carrying out the updates:

Steps for Updating Apps on iPhone Through the App Store

Enter your iPhone’s home screen and launch the App Store by tapping on the icon.
In the App Store, locate the Updates icon on the bottom right corner. Tap on the Update icon.
Find the Update All button on the top portion of the screen and tap on it.
Enter your iPhone’s password to authorize the update request.
Some apps may display a message prompt asking you for permissions and accesses, to which you will have to respond before the update will begin. Accept and allow access to begin downloading the app and trigger the installation process.
How to Update Apps on iPhone Through iTunes

Updating your apps via iTunes involves a computer bearing an internet connection. The clear advantage of using iTunes to update your apps is that you can choose whether you wish to update all your apps or just few. Furthermore, you easily read what the new updates contain on the large screen of your PC.

Follow the steps below to update your apps through iTunes:

Launch iTunes on your laptop or desktop. Connect your iPhone to the USB 2.0 port using an Apple dock connector cable.
In the iTunes app, navigate to the sidebar and locate the library section. Click on Apps in the menu.
You will now see a list of all your apps available on the iPhone. Look for the Updates link present next to the app. If there is no such link, it means that all your apps are up to date.
If you wish to update all your apps in one go, click on Download All Free Updates. Sign into your Apple account using the relevant login credentials and click on Get. All the apps will get updated at the same time.
If you wish to update your apps individually, you need to click on the Get Update link present adjacent to the app. Wait for the updated app version to download.
Once all your updated app information is downloaded, head over to the left sidebar to locate the name of your iPhone. Click on Sync to transfer and install these updated apps onto your iPhone.
Now that your apps are up to date, you can enjoy the newly released features and added security on your iPhone’s apps.

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