Reasons to Update your Software Regularly

We tend to get lazy regarding software updates when we are in a hurry; maybe we have to send that mail first, perhaps we want to download the movie first. We keep on delaying the software update to the next day, to week, to months. We are lazy when it comes to updating the software but not doing so will leave us open to so many security threats and improper functioning of our devices and operating systems. We feel great after updating an application, many features are added on. Its importance can’t be emphasized if you own a business. Below are some reasons why is it important to keep our software updated:

1- Don’t miss the new and improved features

The first and most instrumental reason is that we miss out on new and exciting features

The most fantastic thing applications are that they are never settled. Developers keep on working on it to improve its functionality. Ever since the app is released, developers are continually working to improve its efficiency.  This is inevitable for people in business to avoid updates as updating marketing software is going to drive growth and maximize ROI on purchased software.

2- You may not be getting an automatic update

Predators theses are getting smarter; they have this ability to turn off the antivirus software. You also could face an inside attack that turned off your antivirus. If antivirus is not there, then it is much easier for the hackers to get access to your computer. So keep a check on all the updates to maintain the security and privacy.

3- Cybercrime is at the top these days

The security threat is the main reason for downloading and installing the latest updates. The older software continues to have the same loopholes that can allow the hackers an easy hunt. Both the hackers and the developers are competing at the same speed. Hackers are also well learned and well practiced. Don’t put your cyber system at risk by not utilizing the latest software updates.

4- Essential documents are at risk without the latest updates

Since everything is stored digitally now, we barely have hard copies of every report. Records are at risk than ever before now. Several malware can interact with your documents from your computer to another server. Sony’s pictures were hacked in the year 2014. Confidential information regarding salary, employees and unreleased movies was stolen before being released. Some ransomware style malware like Wannacry have been holding many personal and company documents till payment is made to them.

5- Malware is easily transferable through mails

You may be passing on malware to your friends if your computer isn’t updated from time to time. Viruses spread quickly via private work emails. Updating the software may allow you to get alerts when you receive an infected file. It doesn’t take plenty of time to update your software, but it certainly saves you from many threats. Don’t miss out on the fun, don’t keep your app stagnant and keep your iOS and other devices safer than ever.

Olivia Jones is a self-professed security expert; she has been making the people aware of the security threats.Her passion is to write about Cyber security, cryptography, malware, social engineering, internet and new media. He writes for Norton security products at



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