How to Delete all Gmail Messages

Tired of getting too many messages from random people? Is your inbox full of so many messages that you can’t even load the previous month’s page? Here is the remedy, delete them all and empty your Gmail. It doesn’t take long for your inbox to fill up quickly with vast amounts of emails, Gmail has its own different ways to promptly delete the mailbox or select the content by label or even from some specific persons. Don’t forget to back up important emails that you need. Google provides you with a dedicated site to download your data.
How to empty your Gmail Inbox?
Gmail has some standard inboxes. They include the Primary, Social, Promotions, Forums, and Updates. It is very much possible to delete all the content from each of these, and it doesn’t take so much of clicks even. Start by logging into your Gmail account, Select the inbox you wish to empty, then click the tick box, you will find it in the upper left corner. The main emails will now be highlighted in blue. If you delete them now, you will only remove the first 50; it is needed another route to cleanse your inbox. Just above the updates, you will see a message carrying, “Select all the conversations in the updates.” Tap on it, and all the messages in the Inbox will be selected. Go to the delete icon and click it to dispatch all emails. After that, move to the “Bin” or “Trash” label and then empty the same. This is a safety net that keeps the deleted messages for 30 days.
Delete emails containing a label
Labels are a convenient way to group the emails together by subjects, and the senders. They also make it very easy to delete entire messages just by following some simple steps. To achieve this, click on the labels in the left-hand column of Gmail. Now tick the tick box and click the delete icon. It is also possible to delete all the unread emails. Use the search bar and enter “Unread’.
Deleting all emails from a particular person
You need not to empty the entire inbox if you want to get rid of messages from a specific contact only. To do this, type the email address of a contact in the search box. Click the tick box beneath the search bar, so all emails turn blue. Click on the message saying, ‘select all the conversation that match this search,’ go to the delete icon now and click to remove all the selected content.
How to find out emails with large attachments in the Gmail
To free the storage space, you need to find emails containing large attachments, start by using the search box and entering larger: 20 MB. Now you will return all the emails which are more significant than 20MB. Now you can quickly delete them to free up space and make your Gmail less occupied. Install a third-party program, Set it up to connect to Gmail imap, Set up Gmail account to accept imap connection, search for email, and delete the attachment.
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