How to use Apple’s new Screen Time and App Limits in iOS 12?

To address the growing concerns around the increasing device usage, addiction of smartphones and the impact of social media on our mental health. Apple has announced a “digital health” concern, which is now a part of its iOS 12. Having announced its developer conference in June, Apple hopes that the new features will help the users in regaining control and will not be continuously lost in their phones. They at least will keep Apple in the clear in the same way that its Do Not Disturb feature does while you drive.

What is Apple Screen Time and how to use it?

Screen time is one of the most significant new additions made to iOS 12. This new section will offer a wealth of data about your iPhone and iPad usage. It will help in breaking down the amount of time you spent in every individual app on your device. It is a core part of iOS 12, and as such it will work with all the apps without the developers.

  • Go to “Settings” and click “Screen Time,” and enable the feature if it is not already switched on.
  • Here, you will be presented with your usage so far for the present day. The total time will be displayed right above the horizontal bar that splits your app habits by category.
  • Tap on time total for having a closer look at your most used app. You can also toggle between “last seven days” and “today.” Along with the apps, this list will show you individual websites where you spent your time.
  • When you scroll down, it will show you a different graph; One is for no. of times you picked your phone up. Apple counts “pickup” when you interact with a device or the on-screen content some way. Turning on the screen is not going to get counted.

The section for notifications will be below. Screen time will show you an all-encompassing total for the day, an hourly average and some more detailed list of per-app sorted by the ones you ping more frequently. Screen time also will deliver weekly notification summarizing statistics for that week. This can be useful for the parents as it will provide a good overview of what their kids are up to It is worth taking advantage of new App Limits feature in iOS12. This will allow you to set a regular allotment of time for a single app. App timers apply to all of the iOS devices which are connected to iCloud.

How to use App Limits

Like the Screen time, App Limits factor in usage for all iOS devices. You may set up a “family account” to monitor your kid’s usage.

  • Go to the Settings>Screen Time>App Limits.
  • When you add a limit this way, iOS will ask for the category of apps that the time restriction will apply to. If you focus only on a single app. You need to do it a little differently. Go to screen time and in the list of most used app and find the App. There will be an option “add limit’.
  • Choose the amount of time you are willing to give to that app.
  • iOS will then send you reminder notification. If you have crossed the limit, a white screen will appear with an option to extend limit by 15 minutes.


It is another tool in iOS to help you in shifting focus from tech. It will cut off access to all the apps except some important ones. To set it up, Go to Setttings >Screen Time>Downtime.

  • Troubleshooting screen Time on iPhone or iPad
  • If you are facing issues regarding screen time, then follow the following steps for ensuring everything:
  • Check that the Screen Time is installed on the device of your child
  • Check that Location Services are enabled, if it is not then, To enable it,
  • Go to Apple Settings>General>Restrictions>Enable Restrictions. Scroll down and tap Location Service. Click on the Don’t Allow Changes.


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