Is Facebook Running Discriminatory Job Ads?

The American Civil Liberties Union filed charges against Facebook for running discriminatory job ads that are visible only to men. Such a practice is illegal under “Civil Rights Act.” ACLU has confirmed that the platform of Facebook permitted 10 employers along with a software developer and a police department to show ads that deliberately excludes Women and non-binary users. It claims that social networking sites should be liable for developing tools that allow these discriminatory ads.

Gender discrimination has always been used to shut women out of the well-paying jobs and sound economic opportunities. Galen Sherwin, senior staff attorney at ACLU Women’s Rights Project, said in a press release that we couldn’t let gender-based ad targeting online sources to give life to ‘New forms of Discrimination’ that should have been eradicated years ago. The charges were also made that Facebook is allowing the ads to target people according to their age.


  • Facebook has been scrutinized for targeting housing ads too

Facebook has the immense capability of posting ads online. But these capabilities can prove to be discriminatory and problematic if used unchecked. According to ACLU, gender-based targeting took place widely when Facebook did not prevent the employees from running Gender-based targeting. Some employers have used illegal age-based targeting as well. According to Joe Osborne, discrimination is rigidly prohibited in their policies, and they have been strengthening their system to guard against the abuse.

  • Facebook assured that it is reviewing the Complaint

Joe Osborne has confirmed that they are going through the complaint and are looking ahead to defending their practices. ACLU has also been looking into Facebook’s “Lookalike audience” and detailed targeting features enable the employers to exclude women.

  • Department of Housing and Urban Development

The above department in August filed a complaint against Facebook that social network allows landlords and the home sellers choose who gets to see the ads based on religion, race, color, gender, national origin, ZIP code, disability, and familial status. Facebook removed more than 5000 ad targeting categories to limit the ability of the advertisers to discriminate. ACLU has filed charges on behalf of three female workers. The communication workers of America and women say that they were prevented from seeing job ads by the Facebook and employers.

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