Best Spooky Halloween Apps you Must Download on iPhone

Halloween is coming, and we can’t wait to make it more exciting than ever. Every year we decide to make it more fun than the previous one, and this time too everybody must have planned to celebrate it with invigorating excitement. In the digital era, there are several apps available which help users enjoy the Halloween digitally. It sounds strange, but nowadays people are showcasing their pictures and videos on social networking platforms with unique filters that the social network developers have offered on their platforms.

Not only that, but Halloween fever also persuades them to download games and spooky themes and skin to transform their devices to give it a macabre look. You must be searching for some exciting and spooky apps on this Halloween, so check out the list of suggestions for the best Halloween apps that you must download on your iPhone. Let’s see which apps you find more interesting for your iPhone this Halloween.


Halloween City

The amazing virtual destination designed for those who always wanted to live Halloween every day. You can build your own Halloween City in this game where you can live with the monster and create a hybrid of witches, zombies, werewolves, vampires, etc. The game has a haunted-house and ghostly burrows bringing chills to your spine. The most important thing is that the game is available for free.

Zombie Smash

Another perfect game which you start playing once will keep you busy for the whole day. Zombie Smash game is a defense tactic where you will be given a mission to prevent the Zombie invasion. Sounds interesting, isn’t it? Also, you can enable the multiplayer battle mode to the mission with your friends or siblings. You will need to pay some amount to download the game.

Halloween Background & Wallpaper HD

If you are searching for Halloween themed wallpapers, then Halloween Background & Wallpaper HD is the perfect app for you. The app is available on Apple App Store for iOS 10 with more added wallpapers. Once you set wallpaper at background from this app, you will spice up your iPhone so don’t to download Halloween Background & Wallpaper HD.

House of Shadows

Do love to solve puzzles? Are you brave enough to go inside a haunted house to save your loved one? If yes, then welcome to the House of Shadows. This addictive game will give you an objective to find and lead your little sister back to the safety. You need to complete it before the ghosts catch you. Doesn’t it sound thrilling?

ZombieBooth: 3D Zombifier

Did ever think about how would look like during a zombie envision on earth? Well, ZombieBooth: 3D Zombifier app is giving you an opportunity to click a picture to edit with a Zombie filter. You can play freak out anyone by sending the picture only. You must be thinking for your perfect target right now. Why don’t you make a video with this app showcase your Zombie transformation to scare your friends?

Well, these are some suggestions of apps for this Halloween that you may like to download on your iPhone. Changing the theme of your phone and clicking pictures with Halloween filters to post them on Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram are trending today, so do you celebrate the festival in an old-fashioned way. Go ahead and spice your Halloween with these fantastic apps.

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