Ways to go Undetected Online

As the internet is evolving and smartphones have been helping us to accomplish more and more communications made by us every day. There is an increasing focus on privacy for digital and online activities. Everyone wants to feel safe and secure online and not feel like they are under any kind of surveillance in some deliberated ways. Many of the users are trying to defend themselves with the help of technologies that will allow them to browse the Internet or use digital applications with a measure of privacy. There are some straightforward ways for changing web surfing habits to get privacy online.

1- Changing Settings of the Browser

The first definite step towards making your internet use more private is to look at available browser settings that will help you in knowing about your public activities. Some of the browsers have a privacy mode that can be turned on for browsing the net in a less visible way. Users are also able to change the ways that online data containers called cookies are being stored and controlled. Different websites create the cookies for tracking users. These cookies get a promotion because they help to personalize or customize the webpage for a particular user. Cookies are primarily used to deliver personal information to third parties. So users are concerned with privacy must instruct their browser to clear all the cookies on a daily basis. It will help quite a lot with internet privacy.

2- Sandboxing and Alternative Search Practices

The practice of sandboxing generally refers to containing certain online activities and walling them off from others. The most prominent example is the use of Facebook. Facebook is a social media giant, used by so many people. It has become a household name for both purposes- personal and enterprise. It is also well known for being one of the biggest platforms for spreading your personal information to buyers and third parties. Experts recommend the use of one browser for Facebook and another browser for other online activities. It will limit the data that Facebook can collect about you.

3- VPNs: Encryption Tunnels for Internet Traffic

Whenever it comes to protect your privacy online, VPN is a great way to go.

Virtual private network tunnels act to protect you by encrypting data from a source and then decrypting it at its destination. With the use of these privacy tools, you can be sure that outside parties don’t have access to any data of yours as it flows through a local area network. Another plus point with VPN is that they are generally known for being legitimate online security tools. It is not going to be easy for the cyber attackers to intercept data as it moves to and from your computer only.  There are so many free VPN services out there to choose from.

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Source: https://how-to-activate.net/ways-to-go-undetected-online/


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