How to Find Who Saw Your Location on Snap Map

Snapchat is extremely popular among youngsters. This social network offers the perfect blend of communication and graphics sharing. People share pictures or snippets of their lives for others to see. Whether you wish to share a family tour snap or a video of a rock concert you are at, Snapchat is the hot platform to do that.


However, now this application does not only revolve around snaps. In the past few years, this application has evolved to a great extent. Now, several features are present in Snapchat, which makes it all the more fun to use.

Now the users of Snapchat can make regular as well as video calls. One of the newer features of the app is the Snap Map. This feature lets users share their locations and view the locations of their friends, concerns regarding security and privacy were somewhat dominant. However, that storm has passed and users can either turn it on without worrying about their privacy or just disable it entirely.

But one of the major concerns regarding                                                                                                                                                             the Snap Map is if the user can find out when somebody sees their location using Snap Map. Snap Map consists of a variety of options. However, it was never cleared if Snapchat lets users check who is viewing their location.

How does Snap Map work?

When this feature was rolled out, it stirred a lot of controversy and debates across the globe. This feature enables users to share their location with others and see the locations of their friends from the Snapchat app.

If a user enabled Snap Map, then their locations get shared with a set of friends. Users can share their location with everybody in their friend list. They can share their location with everyone on their friend list, save a few. Or else, they can choose a set of friends they wish to share their location with.

Can you find out who viewed your location on Snap Map?

The short answer would be, no. At present, the users cannot find out who is seeing their location on Snap Map. Users will not be notified regarding who views their location. If someone views their story, then they will get informed regarding the views on that story.

When the users open Snapchat, then their location gets updated automatically. If the application remains unopened for a couple of hours, then it gets removed. To see the location of others, just open Snap Maps or go to their profile. If you cannot see any user’s location, then the user may have turned off Snap Map or have not opened Snapchat in more than six hours.

If your Snapchat friend list consists of people you know in real life and the ones you trust, then you can enable Snap Maps. It is good to use Snap Maps when you are on tour. However, if you do not want to risk people stalking you, then it is wiser to disable Snap Maps.

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