How to Connect Multi-Room Audio with HomePod Speakers

The HomePod is a smart wireless speaker developed by Apple and runs on iOS ‘audioOS.’ It is similar to Amazon Echo. As a smart speaker, it is a wireless voice command device, which is integrated with a virtual assistant “Siri” that offers interactive handsfree actions. You just need to say ‘Hot’ to activate your HomePod speaker. After that, you can perform so many tasks.

If you wish to play music in several rooms of your house at the same time then this is possible, you can play different songs in the separate room at a time, the same audio in all rooms or just a couple simultaneously. Only you need to set up your HomePods with multi-room audio, and this is relatively simple to do. But the hard thing is to decide where to put each speaker.

How to set-up multi-room AirPlay 2 audio with HomePods

Firstly, your iPhone and HomePod speakers should be updated to iOS 11.4 and HomePod also to iOS 11.4 or higher. Now, follow the steps

  1. Make sure both HomePods have been correctly setup.
  2. Your HomePod speakers should have different names or location identifications.

That’s it. Now, you’ll be capable of using your HomePod speakers in any room in the house with same tunes, or different tunes.

Now, the main part is ‘how to play multi-room audio with the same song in all, or different music in a different room.’

There are two ways to do this:

  1. By using ‘Siri.’
  2. By using the Control Center of your iPhone or iPad.

How to play multi-room audio using Siri

That’s pretty easy to do. You need to invoke & tell Siri to play a song in specified HomePod speaker, specified rooms, or everywhere.

For instance,

  1. Hey Siri, Play song “faded” everywhere.
  2. Hey Siri, Play the song “into you” on HomePod one and four.
  3. Hey Siri, Play the music “all the way up” in the bedroom and porch.
  4. Hey Siri, Play the song “attention” in the dining room and chamber.

You can also ask Siri to adjust volume like, “Hey Siri, “Play Kanye in the kitchen at 50%.

How to play multi-room audio by Control Center of your iPhone

This is another way to play music on your HomePod speakers.

  1. Launch your ‘music app’ on your iOS device.
  2. Select and Play the audio. You want to listen.
  3. Open ‘Control Center’ by swipe up from the bottom of the screen.
  4. Press and hold the ‘Music Control’ panel.
  5. Choose the audio track you want to play on multiple HomePod speakers.
  6. Tap ‘AirPlay’ icon.
  7. Select the multiple HomePod speakers.

The track will start playing in the selected HomePod speaker. Follow the same way to play audio in single speaker or to play the different sound in different rooms.

You can also adjust volume for each HomePod separately or all of them at once.

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