How to Use Bluetooth in Windows 10

Bluetooth was first introduced in mobile phones, and now, it is also available for transferring files in Windows 10 systems. Well, the Bluetooth service is quite convenient and useful during the absence of USB to connect a device with the computer. For some users, enabling the service is very challenging as it is hard to use. In this blog, we will give instructions to activate and use the Bluetooth Service. If you don’t know the method to use or how to fix the minor issues obstructing the file transfer, then follow the guide and learn how to use Bluetooth in Windows 10.

Let’s see the step to use Bluetooth in Windows 10

  1. Press Windows key + I key sequences.
  2. It will open the Settings app of your Windows 10.
  3. Click the Devices tab from the Setting window.
  4. Now, turn the Bluetooth service in your computer.
  5. As the Bluetooth is turned on in your system, it is required to pair with another device to utilize the service and transfer files.
  6. Ensure that the Bluetooth service is also enabled in the other device which you are going to pair with the system.
  7. Now, check in your computer if the device of the name is displaying on the device list.
  8. When you found the name of the device, go to it and click on to start pairing.
  9. Windows might prompt you to confirm, hence click the Yes button.
  10. The File Transfer feature will help you to send the files to the connected device.
  11. You will need to select the Send or Receive files via the Bluetooth option.
  12. And that is it; you can send any file to the connected device.

What if the pairing of the devices doesn’t succeed?

If the Bluetooth in Windows 10 is not showing any device, then there is no need to worry as the Windows 10 system might be unable to recognize the connecting device. But you can try to establish the connection between the device and the Windows 10 system.

  1. Go to the upper left corner and click on Add Bluetooth or Other Device.
  2. Select and click the device to connect it with the system.
  3. Now, follow the same method and open Settings of your Windows 10.
  4. You will find the new device ready to connect with the computer wirelessly.

The connection will not fail this time, but if the Bluetooth is continuously showing issues in pairing up with the device, then you will need to repair the problem in Windows 10 system. In that case, you can try updating the Bluetooth Driver or need to check if the Bluetooth Support Service is running correctly. Once the problem is solved, there would be no errors or fails while connecting the two devices.

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