How to Sync Media and Other Content to New iPhone

Buying a new iPhone is amazing, but the question is here about syncing the media and other content to it. Generally, most of the new Apple users complaints about losing the data from their non-iOS device while switching to the iPhone. To prevent such a huge loss, the guide will explain the methods to sync everything including contacts to the new iPhone, no matter the data is stored in an iOS device or a non-iOS device. By following the methods mentioned in the guide, you can sync Media and other Content to your new iPhone.

How to sync Media and other content to new iPhone

Sync Music and Movies to New iPhone

  1. To sync Music and Movies and other media files from computer to iPhone, iTunes will be beneficial.
  2. Plug the iPhone in your computer and open iTunes.
  3. Go to the left panel and select your device.
  4. Now choose music and movies which you want to sync.
  5. You can also create a playlist to prevent space consumption issues.

Sync Photos and Images to New iPhone

Remember when you are trying to sync the photos and images to the iPhone, you must add then to Photos folder or section of your Mac. If you are using Windows, then add the Photos in the Pictures folder. Then you will need the Photos App on Mac or the iCloud Photo Sharing & Photo Library to sync the photos and images to your new iPhone.

Keeping the Old Messages on New iPhone

SMS and MMS are not transferable components, but still, there are a variety of tools available which you can refer to export the messages from another device to your new iPhone. It may not be a simple process but it is successful in saving the messages to export to another device.

Sync Non-iOS Apps to New iPhone

The iOS doesn’t welcome apps in it randomly from Windows or Android neither you can export the apps to your new iPhone. But some of the apps can be downloaded from Apple App Store as these are available on the store.

Importing Contacts to New iPhone

  1. Copy all the contacts to a SIM card from your old phone.
  2. Now insert the SIM card in your new iPhone.
  3. Open the Settings app on your iPhone.
  4. Go to Mail, Contact, Calendars section.
  5. Now, import SIM Contacts.
  6. It will begin importing the contacts. When importing is done, remove the SIM card and put in a new one in the tray.

Setting Up Face ID

  1. The iOS will ask you to set up a new Face ID during the process. To set up a new Face ID –
  2. Open Settings of your iPhone and go to Face ID & Passcode.
  3. You will need to enter your passcode.
  4. Now, tap “Enrol Face” and tap Get Started.
  5. During the procedure, the iOS will ask you place and move your head in front of the onscreen frame. The device will scan it for further use.
  6. The Face ID will scan your face twice. Make sure that the gaps around the circle are colorless or white.

This is it. You have learned how to sync Media and other content to the new iPhone. The different procedure is allowing you to sync the media files and other contents like Contacts to the new iPhone without a loss. No matter if you were using the iPhone previously or a non-iOS device, you can still sync every content to a new iPhone. Keep enjoying the old data, but in new iPhone with new features.

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