How to Troubleshoot Error 0xc000000e on Windows 10?

The error code 0xc000000e is one of the most common error, generally occurred after the installation of any game or any other third party application. The main cause of this types of error is corrupted or invalid BCD (Boot Configuration Data) configuration which directly led to this startup BSOD (Blue Screen of Death) error when windows are booting up. However, the Boot Configuration Data is one of a global store for all those options and settings which is related to the boot on some newer Windows PCs.

We are providing you a few simple steps which will help you in solving this error 0xc000000e on windows 10 and save your time and takes fewer efforts. Recovery Error code 0xc000000e also indicates a hardware failure issue, or due to incorrect drive configuration, this error occurred. When this error occurred on your screen shows multiples of messages like:

  1. The needed device is inaccessible.
  2. The selected entry could not be loaded.
  3. A required device is not easily connected or cannot be accessed.
  4. The selection of boot is failed because a required device is inaccessible.

Fix Error Code 0xc000000e on Windows 10

Before starting the process, you just need to make sure that you have to start the process with Basic Troubleshooting and once confirm that any External Device is not causing the startup error. It might occur because the windows will upgrade the current windows version which is not at all compatible with the installed external device.

Firstly, make a list of all the general fixes, and check it once which one is applied in your case or error:

  1. Rebuild Boot Configuration Data File.
  2. Always use Automatic Repair Utility.
  3. Check the Physical Device connections.
  4. Reset BIOS/UEFI configuration.

Method-1: Rebuild Boot Configuration Data File

  1. Firstly, start by creating a Bootable Windows 10 Media.
  2. After successfully boot, click on the Repair your computer on the first Windows 10 installation setup window.
  3. Now, from the available options choose the operating system partition.
  4. Then, click on the Next tab.
  5. Select the Command Prompt within the System Recovery Options box.
  6. Implement the below-given command:
  • bootrec /rebuildbcd
  1. When the command line is successful in easily finding out a Windows Installation, you just need to click on Y to allow it boot from the list. This process will help you in rebuilding the Boot Configuration Data file.\

Method-2: Run Automatic Repair Utility

The users can also try to run the Automatic Repair. Check it once if this issue has any conflicts which are resulting in that error.

Method-3: Check your Physical Device Connections

First, you should need to check that any other devices are connected to your system. It is due to the configuration of the BIOS or UEFI which might be configured in such a way that any other external device attached with your system has a higher boot priority than that of any hard disk. If it is, then the externally attached disk might be the drive that your computer might be trying to boot into.

Generally, some USB Storage Devices, Pen Drives, CDs, DVDs, etc. are included in this list of devices.

Method-4: Reset BIOS/UEFI Configuration 

Try resetting the BIOS/UEFI Configuration. It will direct you to arrange the boot configuration as it is anticipated by any of the manufacturers. This will helps the users in removing any blockage in the boot process.

Hopefully, methods above will surely help you in fixing the error code 0xc000000e, but still if you are not able to solve the error, and then we will suggest you take help with the support team, as they will offer you best solutions.

Jessica Davis is a Microsoft Office expert and has been working in the technical industry since 2002. As a technical expert, She has written technical blogs, manuals, white papers, and reviews for many websites such as .



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