How to Cast a Chrome Tab from a PC to TV

Connecting a computer to a TV may seem quite tasking. Back in the days, one had to untangle cables and understand how to regulate the output of the PC for the correct resolution to suit the TV. While Televisions can still be connected to the PC with HDMI cable, but there are quicker and more convenient ways to stream content to the TV from your computer. You can do so by using Chromecast

Google Chromecast is amongst the most cost-effective alternatives to set-top boxes such as Apple TV and Roku. Basically, Chromecast lets users see all sorts of TV content such as YouTube videos, Netflix movies, etc. These are managed from mobile phones.

Apart from this, Chromecast also allows users to cast from any computer with a Chrome browser to a Television. Users can either cast a single browser tab or the entire desktop.

What does Casting mean?

Casting is a way of transferring content over the wi-fi to the TV, though it operates in two distinct ways. While casting from a computer, the content gets streamed from the computer to the television over a local network including no assistance from any online service.

Casting Prerequisites

Now, you need to take some actions before proceeding with the process for casting. Firstly check that the Chromecast and PC are connected to the same wireless network.

Process for Casting a Google Chrome Browser Tab to a Television

After making sure that both of the devices are on the same network, you can get started with Chromecasting. In order to cast a tab, you need to launch the Chrome browser. Go to the webpage you wish to show on the television. After that, click on the menu option in the top right-hand corner of the screen. From the list of options, choose Cast.

A tiny screen will come up in the middle of the Chrome tab. The screen will contain the names of available devices on the network. Hit the arrow button located on the upper side. Now, from the Select source prompt, select Cast tab, and then choose a nickname of the Chromecast. Allow the status to display Chrome Mirroring before proceeding.

Now, the TV screen will be displaying the Chrome tab.

After setting up Chromecasting, you can visit other websites, and it will continue to display the content on the selected tab.

If you wish to stop casting, then you can either close the selected tab or hit the Chromecast button in the browser. Now, click on the Stop button in the Chrome Mirroring prompt.

When should you cast a Chrome tab?

Mirroring a tab on your TV is perfect for stuff that is inherently latent, like baby pictures saved in a drive or cloud. It also works for seeing a website at a massive scale, or for showcasing a presentation online.

However, when it comes to casting videos, this may not be as suitable. While YouTube supports casting, if you want to watch Vimeo or Amazon Prime videos on your TV by casting them from a tab, then the videos may lag.

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